How Business Coaching or Mentoring can promote improved productivity at work

People love being motivated, especially when it comes down to facing a profound challenge. Hence, integrating some elements of business coaching and mentoring in the workplace can drastically improve workplace morale and productivity.

Mentorship and Coaching Show Genuine Appreciation

One key point is that everybody wishes to be appreciated in one way or another, regardless of their job role. Through mentorship, your staff may feel more special, upon sensing the effort you have invested in grooming them. This may spur some individuals to go the extra mile toward improving themselves and proving that you had not made a lapse in judgement.

Leads to Better Assessments & Action Plans

Through personal coaching and mentorship, the strengths and weaknesses of individual staff can be thoroughly assessed in greater detail, which paves the way for clearer action plans. Sitting down with your staff and understanding the problems they face can shed light on the obstacles that are holding them back from achieving a 100% at the workplace.
You may consider organizing a series of debriefings to discuss progression that had been set from previous meetings. Adding actionable milestones to your assessments can help provide a better perspective for your staff and show them their gradual improvements, which can boost morale and productivity.

More than Workplace Skills

Professional mentorship and coaching go beyond imparting practical skills, the provide valuable takeaways such as work ethics, attitude and other occupational hacks that contribute to improved performance and progression.
Most of the time, the mentor figure is fondly remembered as being more of a helpful and knowledgeable friend than a superior teacher figure.

Perfect Springboard for New Staff

Joining a new company can be intimidating. Assigning a seasoned mentor or coach to new staff can help reduce the time taken for them to warm up to the work culture. Less time required on orientation means more time in getting things done.
An SOP manual may seem like the perfect startup kit, but it is also easy to drown in information and cause many mistakes. The mentor figure can help clarify doubt from the get-go, sort out procedures and practices, and even differentiate textbook knowledge from real-world processes to prepare the recent hire with confidence.

Fostering Teamwork

Business coaches and mentors understand the importance of collaboration. Teamwork is the life force of the workplace and the right mentor figure can skillfully assess and improve existing standards.
The quieter and less participative staff may be encouraged to let go of their fears and contribute more in team-building exercises while individuals with the potential to lead are groomed to achieve the best of their abilities. By building stronger rapport among fellow workers, coaches and mentors can improve workplace dynamics.

There are many coaching techniques and styles catered to different personalities, thus, it is essential to choose the one that best suits each staff. Everyone has unique perspectives that ought to be respected, while helping them realize their true potential.

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