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Permanent Placement-IT Recruiting


Are you having trouble meeting deadlines or finding the right hire? It doesn’t really matter what the challenge is for you and your company, the answer is good people.

We understand that for many companies a recruiter is a last ditch effort to find the talent that you need.  It is, in fact what is known as a “distress” situation.

At SBR Consulting, we’ve been where you are. To that end, we  do everything that we can to make this a positive situation for you.

Whether you are looking for one key piece of the business puzzle or you’re looking for a company to  which you can outsource all of your IT recruiting, we will design a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

We give you a 360 degree view of every candidate that we send to you for a permanent position. We look at your culture vs theirs to ensure that the candidates we send are a good fit skill wise, but we also assess those things that may not be part of their resume. Are they a good fit with your company culture. Does their personality mesh well with the company and those with whom they will interact and work on a day to day basis.

We evaluate the candidate’s motivation and their willingness to make a change and/or relocate as well as other things that simply can’t be found on a resume or a cover letter–but that you as their employer need to know.

We’ve placed hundreds of positions, inclusive of:

  • System security engineers
  • Functional Experts
  • Application Developers
  • Architects
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Machine Learning specialists
  • Artificial intelligence executives
  • Reports, Interface, Conversion, and Extensions (RICE) Developers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Configuration Management Experts
  • Change Management/Trainers
  • DBAs
  • Technical Support and Help Desk Specialists

Both clients and job seekers love working with SBR Consulting Solutions. How can we help you?

Staffing Services

SBR maintains close relationships with a network of independent consultants in North America, Asia-Pac, and Europe. In today’s market, the labor pool is shared by many. SBR manages in a low overhead model, which enables us to offer the talent you need at the best market pricing available.